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Aug 5 10


by Donna Marie

I knew it! It is so impressive! It’s what I hoped for, to motivate, inspire and create a little desire! Everyone is an artist! Look around, look for inspirations in your world and create!

E-mail me for everyone to enjoy!

ENJOY the artist below that have found their inspiration and have created some beautiful art!

This is Crystalyn's inspiration!

This is Crystalyn's Picture!

Jul 7 10

“Color Your World in Art”

by Donna Marie

Bring out the color markers or paint?

Do you see it as an abstract?    A face?   An object?

Go ahead and do it!

Email me your creation and what was your inspiration.

Preview all the unique art from the other never before artists.

May 12 10

You can be an Artist Project

by Donna Marie

It’s here for you to create.  Look for your inspiration.  Have imagination and belief.  Create a work of art which reflects you, your style, your personality, and your unique self expression.   Express your individuality, take this doodle and see what you can create!

This is what my creativity shows!

May 2 10

“Textures of New Orleans”

by Donna Marie

Tour our beautiful city of New Orleans and you will see all my inspirations of this collection.  Enjoy!

These pictures are just a small sampling of my inspirations from around New Orleans.

May 1 10

You Are Invited to Explore My World of Color, Texture & Expression

by Donna Marie

My inspirations come from many places.  Architecture, flowers, trees, water, and the sky; also books and fashion.  Inspirations can even come from how you feel.  The feeling of love and being happy.  The sounds of birds and the rushing of waves are all part of exploring the world.  Living in New Orleans and growing up in the jewelry business allow me to use texture and shapes in my jewelry designs and in my art.  My love of color comes from all the beautiful gem stones from around the world.

Apr 28 10

Donna Marie Creations “The Gallery”

by Donna Marie

“With a dream, some inspiration, and a little watercolor”

“The future belongs to those in the beauty of their dreams”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Apr 21 10

Preview Donna Marie’s Art in the Governor’s House

by Donna Marie

Tour of Governor’s House from Donna Marie Aucoin on Vimeo.

Apr 21 10

Governor Bobby Jindal and Mrs. Supriya Jindal Mansion

by Donna Marie

Mansion Dining Room

Apr 21 10

Art in the Governor’s House

by Donna Marie

Preview the Donna Marie “Color My World” collection now in the Louisiana Governor’s House.

Color My World